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Understanding Value



Finding out the value of your home is one of the most important steps when it is time to sell property in San Francisco.  Knowing what your home will sell for gives you the starting point from which many other decisions are made.  There is no better way to get a true idea of you home’s value than having an experienced realtor prepare it for you.  Fill in your name and address and I will personally send your home valuation quickly.  It will amaze you how knowing the value of your home will make all the other decisions come into focus and reduce your stress.
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Mike and Oliver have been buying and selling real estate in your neighborhood for almost 20 years, and with hundreds of millions of dollars in home sales, we know the local market.  Fill in the information above for a free no hassle valuation of your property, or give us a call at 415-244-5846.  We will personally put together an analysis of your home giving you the information you need to make informed decisions.

Here are some questions to ask yourself in the meantime.  We will be happy to give you insight into what we have seen work best when selling homes in San Francisco.

Should We Make Any Upgrades Before Marketing Our Home?

Should We Stage, and if so a complete or partial staging?

What Price Should We List For?

What Will Our Home Actually Sell For?

How Long Will The Whole Process Take?

We love helping our neighbors get the information they need.  When you receive your free property valuation you will be in the position to make any decision that works for you.  We have provided this information to many of your neighbors, and would love to hear from you!  Think of us as your local real estate consultants.  When you are informed, making big decisions is much easier.  Let’s Talk!

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