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San Francisco New Development Gearing Up!


I was visiting a client at the SOMA Grand on 1160 Mission Street in San Francisco.  They have a great view overlooking downtown San Francisco, and I was surprised by how many cranes I could see towering over the city like hungry birds.  New developments are breaking ground all over San Francisco including this 200 plus unit rental building at 1880 Mission Street between 14th and 15th Street (pictured).

Here is an article in the San Francisco Chronicle:  Construction Boom Beyond Mid Market which talks about the five or so new developments going up between Castro and Octavia on Market Street including 82 new units and a Whole Foods going in at Dolores and Market Street, 115 new units where the 76 station was at Market and Buchanan Streets, and 113 units going in at Octavia and Market Street.

Dolby Labs purchased 1275 Market Street between 8th and 9th Streets for their new headquarters.

San Francisco new development is changing San Francisco right before our eyes!

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