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Bernal Heights Home Sold 30% Over

38 Richland Ackerman-Burgelman Deck 2


38 Richland Ackerman-Burgelman Dining Room 38 Richland Ackerman-Burgelman Living Room 38 Richland Ackerman-Burgelman Exterior Print_38-Richland-JMM_4624

38 Richland Avenue, our Bernal Heights home, listed for $998,000 closed escrow a few days ago for $1,300,000, 30% over the asking price!  We were the second listing agents to take on the sale of 38 Richland Avenue, the first listing agent having not been able to sell the property.  We cleaned, staged, fixed up the backyard, and marketed the property in such a way that led to receiving 8 offers.

Presenting properties properly is extremely important.  I have found buyers to be very well educated in the San Francisco real estate market; the ones that have been out writing offers have a good idea of what a property should be valued at.  They are pros because they are typically interested in a particular type of property, and since they are writing offers they have hard evidence of what homes like the ones they want are selling for.  For property owners it can be very difficult to decide where fix up costs will be spent best when they begin the process of preparing to sell their home.  The question is, without doing a complete remodel, how to spruce up the home and get the best return possible?  Painting, cleaning, landscaping, staging, bathroom remodel, kitchen remodel, we help come up with a plan to attract the best buyers.  Mike and I love to walk through our client’s homes long before they decide to sell in order to help them understand what upgrades, if any, will help them sell their property.

For the Bernal Heights home it is no different.  Even though its been named one of the countries best neighborhoods, Bernal Heights still has many homes in different states of aging, and need just the right touches to unlock their value.  In the last few years their has been a renovation boom in the neighborhood, and its clear buyers are very interested in purchasing here.  Cortland Street, the commercial strip cutting through the middle of Bernal, hasn’t always been as desirable as it is today.  In fact the North Side of Bernal used to be hands down the most sought after location in Bernal Heights with its magnificent views of Downtown San Francisco.  Twenty years ago, when I first moved to San Francisco, I bartended at a local bar on Cortland called Charlie’s (now Holy Water at 309 Cortland).  It was owned by a great guy named Charlie (no surprise) who had been the guitarist in a local punk rock band in the 80’s before settling down in Bernal Heights.  It was a completely different neighborhood back then!

I’d love take a look at your Bernal home to discuss what upgrades might be right for your home.  Let’s Talk!