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Free House Listing Tool: Matterport Virtual Walkthrough


I know the photo above may be a bit difficult to see at first glance but if you look carefully you will see the unbelievable detail.  Notice the sunlight streaming into the living room in front, the bedrooms, the kitchen, and bathroom as if floating above the building with x-ray vision!  And that is just for starters, the Virtual Walkthrough allows users to feel like they are inside the home walking around.  Try it out by clicking on the play button below for our listing 260 Gold Mine Drive.

The Future Of Online Property Viewing Is Here with Virtual Walkthrough!

Back in the day, you know, like a year ago, virtual tours were low quality and boring IMHO.  A camera was set up on a tripod in the middle of a room and a motor slowly rotated the camera 360 degrees.  There was a fisheye quality to the photo and it wasn’t really possible to get a good sense of the real scale of a room.  Anyway, I never liked using the old school virtual tours mainly because I didn’t feel like anyone would have the patience to sit through the painfully slow rotation of the camera and the underlying lack of “feel” for a space that could be derived from the viewing.

Recently a new technology has become available which allows users to feel like they are truly walking through a property.  We call it Virtual Walkthrough.  The quality is excellent and it is possible to see how one room flows to the next, and understand how the property is laid out.

Enjoy the Virtual Walkthrough for our listing at 260 gold Mine Drive, our house in the Diamond Heights District of San Francisco.

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Last week I added the Virtual Walkthrough for 35 Dolores Street #307 into a post.  35 Dolores Street #307 closed escrow for $1,575,000.  Click on the link below and check out the Virtual Walkthrough at the bottom of the post.  You really see what an exceptional condo 35 Dolores #307 is:
35 Dolores Street #307 3D Walkthrough

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