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SF Real Estate Market still Strong

Since the summer ended we have seen quite a bit of inventory hit the market, and many people, including realtors, have been whispering about a slow down in the market.  I think after the intense real estate market we saw at the beginning of the year any change was going to feel like a lost of lift under our wings.  The change is certainly real as we have seen many properties require more time to find a ready and willing buyer, and we are seeing properties sell for under their asking price, which seemed like an impossibility just a few months ago.

That said, this is not a downturn.  One effect of the craziness we saw earlier this year is that homes have come on the market at higher and higher prices as, it seemed to many, impossible numbers were being reached.  More inventory in combination with listing prices set too high have made it inevitable for some properties to not find buyers.  Those homes are having to be removed from the market or repriced.

Mike and I have had the pleasure of listing several properties lately including 1156 Treat Avenue #C, 15 Teresita Blvd #14, 388 Dolores Street, and 39 Broderick.  We are happy to report they have all found buyers all within two weeks of being listed in the MLS (Multiple Listing Service); the market is still strong.

1156 Treat Avenue #C

1156 Treat Ackerman-Burgelman Exterior

1156 Treat Ackerman-Burgelman Living Room Couch 1156 Treat Ackerman-Burgelman Kitchen Sunny 1156 Treat Ackerman-Burgelman Island 1156 Treat Ackerman-Burgelman Bedroom 2

Our listing in the Mission District at 1156 Treat Avenue #C is in Escrow.  Click here for more info about the property:  1156 Treat Avenue #C

15 Teresita Blvd #14

15 Teresita 14 Ackerman/Burgelman Exterior

15 Teresita 14 Ackerman/Burgelman Kitchen 15 Teresita 14 Ackerman/Burgelman Patio 15 Teresita 14 Ackerman/Burgelman Bedroom 15 Teresita 14 Ackerman/Burgelman Living Room

Our listing in Miraloma Park at 15 Teresita Blvd #14 is in escrow.  Click here for more information:  15 Teresita Blvd #14

39 Broderick Street

39 Broderick Ackerman/Burgelman Bedroom

39 Broderick Ackerman/Burgelman Bathroom 39 Broderick Ackerman/Burgelman Yard 39 Broderick Ackerman/Burgelman Kitchen 39 Broderick Ackerman/Burgelman Living Room

Our listing in the Buena Vista District of San Francisco at 39 Broderick Street is in escrow.  Click here for more information:  39 Broderick Street

388 Dolores Street

388 Dolores Ackerman/Burgelman Exterior 1

388 Dolores Ackerman/Burgelman Palm Trees 388 Dolores Ackerman/Burgelman Mission Dolores 388 Dolores Ackerman/Burgelman Mission Church 388 Dolores Ackerman/Burgelman Dolores Park


The real estate market in San Francisco is undeniably strong but the marketing and pricing is of utmost importance.  The holiday season is coming, which typically slows things down quite a bit, but can create opportunities for buyers.

Take a look at what Socketsite has to say about it:  Price Reductions Continue To Rise

I’d love to talk with you about your questions about the market, the value of your property, or what to expect when looking to purchase a home in San Francisco.  Let’s Talk!