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Selling a San Francisco Apartment Building

2581-2583 Post Ackerman-Burgelman

Are you planning to sell your multi-unit building in San Francisco?  Preparation can make all the difference!  Mike & Oliver can help you every step of the way from getting the right paperwork together, to making the right repairs so your investment attracts the strongest most qualified buyers.  As local real estate agents and investors, we know what buyers are looking for and we can help you make your property shine!

Buyers want as much information about the building as they can get, we can help you make sure it is done in way that reduces confusion, which will make it more likely buyers will put their best foot forward when presenting offers.

We can walk you through which repairs and upgrades will create the greatest return, we can even manage the process for you as we prepare for market.

The key is to call us right away, we can help you through every stage of the process.

Call Mike & Oliver:  415-244-5846 or email us at Let’s Talk!

Mike & Oliver Past Multi Unit Sales:

2758-2760 23rd Street Mission district Ackerman-Burgelman 2931-2935 16th Street Inner Mission Ackerman-Burgelman 3984-3986 18th Street Eureka Valley Ackerman-Burgelman 4069 19th Street Eureka Valley Ackerman-Burgelman

1736-1738 Dolores Glen Park Ackerman-Burgelman 1668 Great Highway Outer Sunset Ackerman-Burgelman 1526-1530 Broderick Lower Pacific Heights Ackerman-Burgelman 1494-1498 Noe Street Noe Valley Ackerman-Burgelman

1389-1391 Baker Lower Pacific Heights Ackerman-Burgelman 1266-1268 York Street Inner Mission Ackerman-Burgelman 1125 Church Noe Valley Ackerman-Burgelman 1033-1037 York Inner Mission Ackerman-Burgelman

843-845 Capp Inner Mission Ackerman-Burgelman 818-820 47th Ave Outer Richmond Ackerman-Burgelman 306 shotwell Inner Mission Ackerman-Burgelman 290-292 San Jose Ave Noe Valley Ackerman-Burgelman

216 Lily Hayes Valley Ackerman-Burgelman 189 Precita Bernal Heights Ackerman-Burgelman 168-170 21st Avenue Lake Street Ackerman-Burgelman 28 Heyman Bernal Heights Ackerman-Burgelman

20 Ringold South of Market Ackerman-Burgelman 16-22 Dearborn Mission Dolores Ackerman-Burgelman 2581-2583 Post Ackerman-Burgelman 310 duncan Ackerman-Burgelman

Ask us about any of these and we will fill you in on the location, list price, sale price, and marketing strategy!  415-244-5846


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