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San Francisco Real Estate 2015 Hasn’t Woken Up Yet

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But it will!  Currently there is not one house for sale in Noe Valley.  Low inventory has been an issue for the past two (three) years!  By the third week of January we will see many more properties hit the market and many more buyers to compete over them.  Resolutions have been made.  For many this means becoming a home owner in San Francisco in 2015.  Interest rates have been unbelievably low for so long it is hard to imagine life without them, but with the economy improving higher interest rates are surely coming, but don’t expect higher interest rates to magically kill the demand for housing in SF.

I don’t see anything to hold back SF’s real estate market from continuing its stellar climb this new year.   If anything the fundamentals are improving.  The people who purchased last year will think back fondly on the great deal they got in 2014.  Nothing lasts forever, but I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for the bottom to drop out of the San Francisco real estate market just yet.  Real estate cycles are thought to last about eight years, and the great recession ended in 2009.  Minus any unforeseen disasters there are still some legs on our housing market.

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