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San Francisco Lofts Sell Quickly


Two years ago lofts were one of the worst performing property types in San Francisco.  Even though lofts offer an amazing amount of square footage for the price they offer very little privacy for their occupants, and therefor there is a relatively smaller buyer pool; a family with children probably is not going to be in the market for a loft for instance.

Now suddenly the market is hot for lofts.  currently there are Six lofts actively on the market for sale, seventeen in escrow, and fifteen sold since the beginning of December.  those are some amazing stats particularly since every loft on the market right now has been on the market for at least 40 days, some over 100 days; these are the properties having trouble selling.  As an example, 175 Bluxome #110, pictured, offers 2 bedrooms for $514,900 but does not come with parking, and is situated in a building with current litigation making a loan very difficult to obtain.

A the beginning of 2013 well priced lofts sell quickly, which really isn’t so different for every property type this time of year in San Francisco.

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