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House Prices in San Francisco: Appreciation Chart


Have you wondered what has happened to San Francisco house prices over the past three years?  You have seen the endless articles about the craziness of the local market I’m sure.  Since the downturn that ended in 2009 prices have shot up, and I thought it might be interesting to show how house prices have gone up neighborhood by neighborhood in the last three years.

In the chart below is an easy to read bar graph showing price appreciation by District.  These are percentages so they are intended to give a rough idea and to show how the different districts compared.

Which neighborhoods are in which Districts you might ask?  Here is a list of the districts and a few neighborhoods to give you a sense of where in the city the District is.

Handy district to Neighborhood Cheat Sheet:

District 1:  the Richmond, Laurel Heights

District 2:  The Sunset

District 3:  Ingleside

District 4:  West Portal, forest Hill

District 5:  Noe Valley, Eureka Valley

District 6:  Hayes Valley, Lower Pacific Heights

District 7:  Pacific Heights, cow Hollow

District 8:  Russian Hill, Nob Hill

District 9:  The Mission, SOMA, South Beach, Bernal Heights

District 10:  Excelsior, Mission Terrace

San Francisco House Prices Appreciation Chart 2013-2016

San Francisco House Prices

You may notice District 6 and district 8 are not included.  This chart uses house data and district 6 and 8 consist mostly of condos.  I may post another chart for condos if there is an interest.  Let me know!

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