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Glen Park: Great Noe Valley Alternative


Only considering Noe Valley homes?  You may want to open your search just a bit and take a look at Glen Park.

This is a great picture of the kitchen at 115 Mateo Street.  This home is in Glen Park and features 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, over 1500 square feet, parking and is listed for $995,000.  115 Mateo is one of the new homes on tour today through Zephyr Real Estate.

Glen Park is the neighborhood adjacent and just south of Noe Valley. Glen Park is perhaps not as central as Noe Valley, but it has a very nice commercial district at Chenery and Diamond, and has it’s very own BART station, which is extremely handy for residents working downtown, in some parts of the peninsula, and the East Bay.  When considering Noe Valley homes it isn’t a bad idea to take a look at what is offered in Glen Park; it’s very close and the prices can be quite a bit lower.

Price Comparison: Glen Park Homes and Noe Valley Homes

To give an idea of how price is effected by choosing to buy a home in Glen Park over Noe Valley take a look at these statistics for August home sales:

Noe Valley:  9 homes sold in August, average sale price of $1,396,836, and an average price per square foot of $849

Now, cross over into Glen Park..

Glen Park:  10 homes sold in August, with an average sale price of $1,011,819, and an average price per square foot of$689.

That’s quite a difference!  Noe Valley is quickly becoming (is) a neighborhood where it is completely normal for nice homes to sell in the $1.5 Million to $2 Million range.  Glen Park is a jewel of a neighborhood in San Francisco where nice homes can be had for under $1 Million.  When searching for a house the more informed you are the better.  I know Noe Valley homes are all the rage, but you may want to take a look at Glen Park!

Btw Price Squares gives 115 Mateo Street an estimated valuation of $920,723.

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