Real Estate Broker vs. Agent?

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What’s the difference between a California Real Estate broker Vs Agent?

The main difference is a salesperson must work under the guidance and protection of a licensed real estate broker who is legally responsible for the salesperson’s transactions, while a real estate broker may work for him or herself. Both are real estate agents, meaning they are licensed by the state of California to advise the public on real estate issues.

A person is licensed after completing a certain number of classes and then passing a licensing exam depending on the type of real estate license they are working towards.

California Real Estate Agent:

  1. Must Be 18 years of age.
  2. Complete 3 college level courses.
  3. Pass the real estate agent licensing exam.

There are 3 main paths to becoming a licensed California real estate broker

California Real Estate Broker:

  • Obtain a 4 year degree in real estate and passing the California brokers exam.
  • Gain two years’ experience as an agent, complete eight college-level courses at an approved real estate school, and pass the brokers exam.
  • Be a member of the California bar and pass the brokers exam.

The brokers exam is longer and more difficult than the salesperson exam.