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1535 33rd Avenue Sold $1,300,000

1535 33rd Ave Ackerman-Burgelman Kitchen

1535 33rd Avenue, our Central Richmond listing, closed escrow with a sale price of $1,300,000, a whopping 53% over asking!  We received 26 offers with several over $1,200,000.  1535 33rd Avenue is a beautiful Oliver Rousseau home with ocean views, beautifully ornate high ceilings, and quite a lot of space particularly for a home in the Sunset.  And yes that is a great condition Wedgewood stove.  The owner told me a salesman sold these stoves door to door back in the day, and many of the homes on the street have or in some cases had them.

There a few blocks of homes built by Oliver Rousseau near 1535 33rd Avenue, and it is amazing how much interest there is for these homes.  They were built to be more luxurious than the typical home in the Sunset, and they were built before World War II, before material was being rationed for the war effort.  It is hard to believe that most of these homes in the area were built in the 1930’s the decade after Black Tuesday during the ten years of the Great Depression.

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